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Custom-fit "made in Germany"

HEUFT Industry is part of the renowned HEUFT Group, founded 300 ago. Our core competency is the design of large automated thermal oil ovens. Here we are trailblazers – not only in energy and resource-saving solutions, but also in holistic customer orientation. We develop a custom-fit thermal oil system, with a precise eye for the requirements of your operation. Every detail is customized. A key competitive edge is achieved by the heat transfer medium, which offers unsurpassed reproducibility and allows your products to roll off the production line every day in exactly the same quality.

But our ambition to rethink and optimize our systems doesn’t stop here: It covers the entire value-added chain up to the commissioning of the bakery equipment. Everything is geared towards efficient, integrated processes and maximum profitability. One thing we never forget: The special responsibility that comes with the production of food. Hygienic design is a standard that we apply uncompromisingly to our large ovens and the entire production environment.

Let us impress you with our 20 years of guaranteed efficiency in the design of large oven systems – which we also offer as turnkey solutions, together with our strong partners.