VULKAN Euroback

Special features

Batch after batch:
always equally good

The VULKAN EUROBACK ensures maximum flexibility for your production. Up to six hundred square meters of baking area are available at the same time and can be loaded in parallel with free-form, tray or tin products. Each product achieves its individual quality thanks to separately adjustable temperature and steam zones in the individual hearths. What’s more, you can switch fully automatically from continuous to step-by-step baking at any time. Combined with a loading and unloading system tailored to your line, the EUROBACK offers unrivaled performance. 25,000 rolls and more per hour not only deliver the desired reproducibility, but are also satisfy the bottom line.

Productivity is no coincidence

The VULKAN EUROBACK can be integrated into any automated process line and is designed for industrial multi-shift operation. With non-stop system availability, it ensures the desired baking output is achieved around the clock. What makes it so reliable is, firstly, the proven HEUFT control technology and, secondly, the selection of highest quality components which correspond to the current state-of-the-art down to the last detail. You can start your daily production program without worries – knowing that the result will always meet all requirements in terms of quality and quantity. 

Hygienic design or simply clean construction

Hygienic design is a matter of course for the developers of HEUFT Industry systems. We are familiar with the applicable laws and standards of the food industry and usually go beyond them with our hygiene standards. In this way, all HEUFT VULKAN EUROBACK system components are designed to be easy to clean and quick to maintain. This can be seen, for example, in the walk-on oven ceiling or positioning of the loader above the baking oven door for easy maintenance and cleaning of the hearths. This not only reduces costs and increases efficiency, but also makes you feel good.