Baking with thermal oil – Unrivaled quality

HEUFT Industry thermal oil systems are a must-have for industrial bakeries.
Thanks to our depth of experience, we can fully exploit the advantages of the fully synthetic heat transfer medium.

Intelligent heating technology for the future

A thermal oil oven reacts to desired temperature requirements with a high degree of speed and thus energy efficiency. The reason: The heat storage capacity of thermal oil is up to 2,700 times higher than that of other heat carriers. The energy savings allow you to achieve a faster return on investment. However, the physical advantages also have a positive effect on quality. The enormous heat storage capacity ensures an extremely low temperature difference between heat transfer medium and baking chamber. The delta t of all our HEUFT ovens is only 15° C. The heat is transferred evenly and gently to the product, prevents it from drying out and extends the freshness period.

Tailor-made, handmade

The heating system is at the heart of our ovens. That is why we provide you with a solution that best suits your thermal oil oven system. All our heat exchangers are custom-designed and built in-house. This means that there are no interface-related problems, and that all units and processes run smoothly from the very start. According to your preference, the heating system works with gas, electricity or heating oil, as single or multiple boiler systems in a network. You thus know that there is always have enough heat for continuous production. Comprehensive modular solutions for heat recovery (WVS), e.g. from flue gas or steam, complete Heuft's comprehensive range of products. Our state-of-the-art systems also integrate intelligent energy management in multi-boiler plants to increase efficiency even further. The Back Information Center (BIC) enables the visualization of measurement data and key figures, allowing you to analyze your energy consumption for further optimization and proper documentation. Contact us to discuss your energy-efficient future and the savings you can make with our technology!