Special features

Traditional baking at industrial level

Every baker appreciates the quality of batch baking in a classic deck oven. The HEUFT VULKAN IMPACT takes this quality craftsmanship to an industrial dimension. Up to 12 hearths can be integrated as standard and open the door to enormous quantities with a baking area of up to 350 m2. But it is not quantity alone that makes our multi-deck tunnel oven so outstanding. The system is also unrivaled as a flexible all-rounder. Every single hearth is well insulated, and the temperature, steam and turbulence zones can be individually configured for each product. The top and bottom heat can also be controlled separately over the entire baking surface. This allows you to create an optimal baking climate for every product at any time. It is therefore entirely up to you whether the VULKAN IMPACT plays to its strengths in a mono-line or as a generalist for a wide range of bakery products.

Running! Ergonomic and economical.

The large ovens of HEUFT Industry are almost without exception designed to provide holistic solutions for your bakery. This includes an automatic loading system carefully matched to the respective thermal oil oven. In the case of the VULKAN IMPACT, the matching equipment is called CONCORD RAPID. The loader system not only minimizes physical strain, but also pushes the capacity upwards with loading and unloading processes that take seconds. The dough pieces arriving at the infeed are transferred to the oven conveyor in two steps and then baked with the standing belt. Unloading is also automated in two steps. Depending on the assortment, different carriers can be selected for the baking products. This means that you enjoy absolute flexibility here too and can bake free-form products as well as tray and tin goods in all batch sizes.

Clearly measurable advantages

One of the many measurable advantages of the HEUFT VULKAN IMPACT is the perfect interaction of quantity and quality in a very small area. The IMPACT is less modest when it comes to reliable performance. With its non-stop system availability, it impresses as a marathon runner in a class of its own. Its fitness has a simple reason: the IMPACT has been designed with foresight. All components are easily accessible and therefore easy to maintain and clean. Their high quality also guarantees a long life cycle, as the well-known energy advantages of thermal oil baking pay off in the long term. This allows you to achieve the highest possible efficiency.