Special features

Non-stop maximum output

High hourly outputs, baked in an extremely economical mode – this is the recipe for success of the HEUFT Industry tunnel oven. It is primary designed for baking a few type of products in a continuous mode. A VULKAN tunnel oven is in its element when baking 25,000 dough pieces and more per hour. The products bake gently and consistently in the baking atmosphere defined by the thermal oil heat transfer system. The high storage capacity of the thermal oil also boosts the rapid transfer of heat to the products and thus a strong oven spring. Separately controlled temperature zones with optional bottom and top heat, always enable optimum baking curves. The results speak for themselves: Whether bread, rolls or other specialties – the products at the unloading point all look and taste exactly the same.

Your advantage: customer-specific individualization

At first glance, the VULKAN tunnel oven mainly impresses with its capacity for a continuous production. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see that there’s much more to like. For example, we adapt each conveyor oven to the specific process and product requirements of our customers. We customize the oven to the automatic loader system and equip each deck with mesh belt, hinge plate belt or stone plate belt. The speed at which the products then pass through the baking chambre is determined by the recipe parameters you have stored in the central system control. When the baked products reaches the end of the oven, the correct baking time has also been reached. Another benefit it offers is baking with standing belt. In short: a giant that can do much more than only moving dough.

Save space, gain performance

As standard, we build the VULKAN tunnel oven as a single hearth oven. But we would not be true to our HEUFT Industry philosophy if your wishes were not the decisive factor here too. Therefore, the conveyor oven is available with one, two or three hearths. Designed with multiple hearths, it can bake for example free-form and tin loafs on different baking trays. Or you can use the additional hearths as a capacity extension of your monolines. What’s more, you won’t need any extra space. The footprint of a two- or three-hearth system does not increase in line with the output. No matter which oven you choose, it will impress you with its durability and trouble-free operation as well as its modern, hygienic design. Undesirable production losses are thus a problem of the past.