Your innovation partner

Our business is worldwide, our quality is 100 percent "made in Germany". We are drivers of innovation in baking world 4.0, but we still believe in a handshake between business partners. We simply don’t fit in a "box". Get to know HEUFT Industry better!

From first handicraft oven to market-leading thermal oil specialist

The name HEUFT stands for a strong innovative drive. We have carried this "genetic code" within us since the year 1700. At that time Martin Heuft built the first tuff stone ovens in Bell, Germany. He was the first of eight generations that have followed until today. The tuff went overboard, the desire for new things remained. Since then, every leading-edge oven system on the market has had its developers in Eifel, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. This wealth of experience led to the construction of the first thermal oil oven in 1968. Since then HEUFT and thermal oil have become synonymous in the industry, as a technological leader in more than 20 countries. The strong performance it delivers to artisan bakeries has now found its logical extension within the HEUFT Group. HEUFT Industry combines the know-how which we have gained over the past two decades as a system supplier for industrial companies. This allows us to focus our competencies in the sense of customer-oriented solutions.

Team players to the core

What best describes the HEUFT Industry team is the will to succeed. Coupled with our passion for the world of bakery products and confidence in our engineering capabilities, this ensures we always can deliver top performance. Our loyal customers appreciate this striving for perfection. It manifests itself impressively in a superior baking quality that is reproducible without any fluctuations at all, even with the highest quantities. We have only been able to achieve this level of performance together with our customers. The dynamics of their production pushes our agility, every order, every partnership discussion lets our knowledge grow. This makes us an enthusiastic team player, not only in-house, but also in our customer relationships.

We are "forward movers”

Connectivity, real-time data, cloud-based apps and remote maintenance tools – the digital transformation of industrial baking has an agile trailblazer in HEUFT Industry. With automation and networking solutions we increase the safety and productivity of your plants. Our experts proceed according to your wishes, integrate the HEUFT oven system into existing process lines or develop complete solutions up to commissioning on the basis of a detailed analysis. For all our enthusiasm for the world of baking 4.0, our benchmark is always the quality of your products. This is at the heart of our solutions – and is what defines a step forward for us.